Efficient preperation of the In-Service support for the Frigate Class 125 by the use of ASD/AIA specifications (with friendly approval of German Armed Forces, BAAINBw S3.2, F125)

This presentation explains, how a thorough ILS concept and a red line in the design of respective ASD/AIA business rules provide a basis for an efficient in-service support setup of Germany’s Frigate class 125.

The F125 is the brand-new Frigate class of the German Navy. It’s the first multi-billion Euros project of the German Navy relying heavily on LSA and the ASD Specifications S2000M and S1000D.

The “intensive-use” concept (2x 24 months in the operational area, overall-cycle of 60 months) and an extremely high atomization level provide serious challenges for MRO and operations.

This presentation had been compiled with the friendly approval of German Armed Forces, BAAINBw S3.2, F125.

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