Co-ordinating the Development of a Wider Set of Strategic Standards for Design and Supply Chain and Support – “The Radar Chart”

The ASD Strategic Standardisation Group (SSG) was set up in October 2008 by ASD, with the support of a group of European manufacturers and defense agencies in order to share a common strategy for the development and deployment of interoperability solutions all along the product life-cycle.

Interoperability of information processes is seen as key for both industrial performance and operational performance of aerospace and defense (A&D) products. The SSG approach to interoperability is based on the broad adoption of standards, not on the selection of a particular technology or tool.

The key tracking mechanism of the SSG is the Radar Chart, which is the subject of this presentation.

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Ramon Somoza

AIRBUS Defence and Space - Senior Expert In-Service data exchange, integration and management

Ramón Somoza is currently Senior Expert in Electronic Information Exchange and Data Integration at Airbus Defence and Space. He holds an university degree in Computer...

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