Applicability – Easy to apply

The applicability of the ASD/AIA/ATA S1000D is a highly customizable tool set that allows an end user to select a configuration for a situation and provides him with just the content needed to perform a specific task. However, applicability in ASD/AIA/ATA S1000D must not be understood as a simple set of schemas with specific elements and attributes but as a concept that can to be applied based on decisions and key factors defined in early project phases.
This presentation outlines the processual possibilities and requirements of the ASD/AIA/ATA S1000D applicability concept against the background of the whole Integrated Product Support (IPS) process.

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Jörn Achatzi

HICO - Head of Business & Application Consultancy

Mr. Achatzi has been served 14 years as Officer in the German Navy as communications officer and software developer for combat weapon directioning systems. At...

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