13:00 – An Introduction to the S-Series Specifications – Tutorial Overview

The presentation starts with a general information set about history, scope and content of S4000P Issue 1.0 followed by explanations of both the position and the function of this specification inside the suite of ASD/AIA S-Series of specifications.

Next presentation subjects are a summary about the background for developing and publishing S4000P Issue 2.0 followed by an overview on communities and distinctions in both specification issues.

Finally the main advantages and benefits of ASD S4000P applications in Product analysis and/or optimisation projects will be shown. The presentation ends with an outlook on future development steps, on challenges and on expectations.


Bernhard Seidel

AIRBUS Defence and Space - Senior Expert for ILS / ISS Process

Mr Seidel is the CoC primary advisor with respect to all major competencies related to Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Service and Repair Management as well...

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