All 4.1 and 1 for all

Currently our project is migrating from v1.8 to v4.1 to provide a single source generic dataset, targeting reduced costs and improved efficiency when supporting multiple customers. During the testing period we have identified a number of obstacles relating to the evaluated applicability containing multiple unique customer variants, correctly selected for each based on their PCT product definition, however we recognise that these evaluated statements may contain conditions not relevant or in some instances not appropriate for inclusion. We have identified 4 areas which require an element of post processing to parse unwanted data.
I intend to highlight the reasons why this may become apparent and talk through examples of real life situations, the methodology and logic used to define a solution.

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Dave Wall

BAE Systems - Senior Capability and Development Engineer

Dave Wall is the Technical Information Services Capability and Development Senior Engineer for Air at BAE Systems with more than 15 year’s experience within the...

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