A Common Language for Specifications: Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE 100

The presentation briefly introduces ASD Simplified Technical English, Specification ASD-STE100 (STE), as the common language to be used when applying the S-Series Specifications. STE is an international specification developed for the preparation of technical documentation. It is a natural controlled language that consists of a set of writing rules and a controlled vocabulary. The purpose of STE is to give technical writers guidelines on how to write technical texts in a simple and unambiguous manner that all readers throughout the world will find easy to understand. Nowadays, STE is regarded as an important and valuable resource for general technical writing, translation, and effective communication.

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Orlando Chiarello

Secondo Mona S.p.A. - ASD STEMG Chairman

Orlando Chiarello is the Product Support Manager of Secondo Mona, an Italian aerospace component manufacturer. He is also the Chairperson of the ASD Simplified Technical...

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