Running alongside the Forum across the four days was an exhibition showcasing the latest solutions and innovations.



4D Concept offers a range of solutions, products and services in the field of editorial and technical content management, to help you create, use, publish and distribute all your cross-media content.

The ADAM suite allows you to write, manage, validate, publish, import/export and view S1000D/ATA2300 documentation. It covers Manufacturer and Airline needs linked to documentation activities.


Airbus Defence and Space is one of the two divisions of Airbus and Europe’s number 1 defence and space company. It is one of the world´s leading space companies and one of the top 10 defence companies globally, with revenues of around €11 billion and more than 33,000 employees. The Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space is Dirk Hoke.

Airbus Defence and Space is composed of four programme lines: Military Aircraft, Space Systems, UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and CIS (Communications, Intelligence & Security).


Allan Webb has been a leading provider of Supportability Services for 60 years, finding solutions to deliver through life value across all market sectors. Our team of adaptable, versatile technicians and engineers have successfully provided specialist support across all aspects of supportability.

From Support Engineering, Technical Documentation and Training services through to Obsolescence Management, Allan Webb can support you to reduce whole life cost, increase operational availability and ensure a seamless support solution is delivered.


American Data Solutions. MDDV 11 – widely considered as the best IETM in the market.

Using MDDV for aircraft maintenance saves between 20% and 30% on all maintenance actions (!)

  • FAST – anything loads instantly
  • QUICK access to disparate data
  • GRAPHICAL SEARCH – game-changing technology
  • Integrated forms – auto-filled for the user
  • LiveWire Integrated wiring system: instant, dynamic
  • 3D GRAPHICS – dynamic and true zero-footprint

And we provide the best support for S1000D creation, conversion, and sustainment.


Way beyond typesetting, Antenna House Formatter is the most powerful standards based (XSL-FO and CSS) software available for the fully automated pagination of technical, training, and user documents. Used as part of S1000D, DITA, and other solutions by government and industry in over 40 countries, Antenna House Formatter is producing millions of pages daily.

Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) fully automates the visual regression testing process by comparing PDF documents. AHRTS can find even the smallest differences.


As one of the world’s top software companies, Corel offers some of the industry’s most respected and well-known brands, including CorelDRAW, Parallels®, MindManager®, ClearSlide®, Pinnacle™, and WinZip®. Across our entire portfolio, Corel’s award-winning products give today’s knowledge workers the tools they need to achieve new levels of creativity, productivity, and success.


Etteplan is a progressive group of over 3,000 global engineering specialists who are working to spark positive change in the world of engineering. We apply new thinking in the areas of industrial equipment and facility engineering, software development, embedded systems, IoT and technical documentation.

Our specialists apply unique engineering expertise and service products over the entire product life cycle. Specifically for S1000D, we provide the ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English checker HyperSTE to check content for compliance.


FieldLogs® is an end-to-end task card digitalization platform transforming MRO. FieldLogs® delivers a step change in operational efficiency, compliance adherence, quality improvements and multi-skilling. Our experience covers all main OEMs with demonstrated benefits every step of the way.

FieldLogs® all-in-one UX, intelligently meshes detailed technician instructions, IT processes, live sensors data, learned knowledge, teaming, and real-time collaboration. Our innovative OEM update screening keeps your digital operations library up to date.

FieldLogs® supports ATA2200 and S1000D.


Flatirons Solutions® provides content lifecycle management solutions that transform your complex data into actionable information, driving measurably higher productivity, asset utilization and compliance levels.


GPSL are global experts in organising and structuring complex, critical information.

We understand technical content and the role it plays in aerospace and defence safety, compliance and operational efficiency AND we are highly adept at using technology to make your content work. 

We are the official Support Partner for all PTC legacy S1000D customers and have expertise in S1000D, MILSTD, and multi-spec management.


HICO: The failure-free operation of complex technical systems and the maximum system readiness and availability can be ensured and sustainably improved by Integrated Product Support (IPS).

HICO offers a full spectrum of IT solutions, consulting and IPS-services from a single source. This includes solutions for technical documentation and maintenance as well as engineering support and engineering integration in the IPS process.

HICO´s one-stop solution for IPS also includes trendsetting sustainable aftermarket/in-service solutions for the demand-oriented and on-time provision of product, maintenance & service data.

In collaboration with its partners, HICO ensures the seamless integration of various information sources (PLM, ERP, MIS, etc.) into the IPS/ILS process.


ISS is a leading software provider of logistics product data analysis software used to define, manage, analyze, and improve through-life supportability for complex equipment systems.

SLICwave features best‐in‐class technology, innovative design, and the largest installed base of users in the world. SLICwave allows you to easily create, manage, and update S1000D data modules directly from the authoritative logistics product data source (GEIA-STD-0007 or S3000L/S2000M), seamlessly interfacing with the CSDB solution of your choice.


Mekon supports numerous companies in the aerospace and defence sector to efficiently create, manage and deliver technical information in order to reduce time to market, save costs and deliver high quality documents to support their products and services.

Mekon supply Standards compliant off-the-shelf or highly customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

Our services include:

  • iSpec 2200 and S1000D COTS software
  • Problem Solving
  • Stylesheet and Print Development
  • Tools & Standards Training/Consultancy


OneStrand is an industry-leading Technical Consulting, Services and Software Solutions Provider.

We offer a full suite of technical solutions ready to support any land, sea, air, and space program in any capacity – from consulting to converting your legacy data to new compliant content, or implementing our cost effective R4i S1000D software suite. Under the OneStrand brand we provide our customers and partners with the most cost-effective, user-friendly, modular S1000D solutions, including a subscription based service for under USD $320/month.


Raytheon EAGLE The Raytheon EAGLE team has produced logistics support software for over two decades.

Analysts around the world use the EAGLE Logistics Toolkit to develop logistics product data.

EAGLE Publishing System is an S1000D and MIL-Std-40051 authoring tool. Projects can create and deliver data compliant with all issues of S1000D including the F-35 and ATA 1000BR (Commercial Aerospace).

The EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) is a cost effective MRO solution.


RCMT provides technical writers and illustrators that create content, supply publishing system hardware, software, licensing, and IT services to manage and distribute technical content.

Authors generate zero defect principles of operation manuals, testing and troubleshooting instructions, maintenance documentation, and illustrated parts catalogues for a variety of complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and software systems.

RCMT all-scale efforts ranging from Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot-level manuals for a complete aircraft to overhaul and repair instructions, service bulletins, and component maintenance manuals.

We author documents to a variety of military and commercial specifications including S1000D, MIL-M-81927, MIL-M-40051, ATA 100, and ATA 2200. We can also support DITA – any customer-preferred formats.

We distribute documents in paper, PDF or Interactive Electronic Technical Manual formats, also support advanced features such as intelligent graphics and 3-D content.


SDL, the global leader and innovator in language and content management solutions, is trusted by 90 out of the top 100 global brands to underpin their content creation, translation and delivery strategies.

Our Government, Aerospace & Defence group delivers the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite to help companies to successfully develop and publish technical material using rigorous aerospace and defence standards such as S1000D – while reducing costs, complexity and schedules.


Sonovision are leading suppliers of support services and innovative solutions for Technical Publications, Computer Based Training, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Ground Support Equipment, Immersive Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Gamification, Augmented/Virtual Reality Applications, Marketing and Translation Services. We supply first class services to the aerospace industry.

As Europe’s largest documentation supplier our global team provides unparalleled levels of service, cutting edge solutions with Offshore and Offset capabilities ready to work for you.


BAE Systems develops, integrates and supports hardware, systems and software through the DI business unit. The trilogi® business delivers software and services to defence customers across the globe and to over 54 MoD programmes. In the information age, information superiority is vital in undertaking effective operations. Our capabilities provide customers with information to deliver a clear decision advantage.


Traincroft, Inc. is a complete, integrated Logistic Support Company, with an emphasis on the aerospace field. Traincroft has successfully supported many foreign militaries, and MRO support as a subcontractor for General Electric, Keystone Helicopter, Sikorsky Helicopter and for the US Army/Navy in support of MilAir. Technical Publications/Engineering Support, IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals), Training Development, Web Delivery (CBT/HTML/XML/etc.). Personalized customer service is the secret to our success as a Certified Small Business/Owner operated company.


WebX Systems designs and develops Innovative and integrated commercial, off-the-shelf Content Lifecycle Management solution for ASD S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200 and Legacy Projects.

WebX’s flagship products including UltraXML™, UltraCSDB®, UltraAuthor™ and UltraPortal™ and UltraIETP™ address the needs of the high-end publishing industry around the world, while its years of experience in specifying and supplying content lifecycle management (LCM) and electronic publishing management solutions to the industry allow it to provide quality consultancy services to the international market.

WebX develops and supplies a range of high-end software products including XML Publishing & Management Software, Common Source Database (CSDB), Content Management and Workflow Software using state of the art development systems and tools to create robust, sleek and professional Windows applications with unparalleled easy-to-use graphical user interface.