ADS is proud to be working alongside the Department of Business and Trade (DBT) and the British Embassy to host the next instalment of the Public Security Exhibition (PSE) in Warsaw, following on from previous successful editions in recent years.

Following change of the Polish government and leadership in the Polish ministries and law enforcement units after December 2023, the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration has announced that the Programme of Modernisation of Uniformed Services for 2022-2025 is to be continued in its original form, referring to the Polish Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and State Protection Service.

Part of the available funds will be dedicated to transportation, armament and special techniques equipment, ICT and PPE.

For the coming years, the programme’s budget for the above is to amount to PLN 784mln (ca GBP 156mln) in 2024 and PLN 327mln (ca GBP 65mln) in 2025

The main areas of interest include: 

  • Counter-UAS (equipment, infrastructure, solutions)
  • Radars, communication systems
  • Long distance communication systems (equipment, infrastructure, solutions)
  • Automated border technologies
  • Solutions for development/modernising of barrier/perimeter system existing alongside the Eastern border  
  • Armoured and special vehicles
  • Various security equipment for the police and the border guard, including PPE 
  • Solutions for civil protection/resilience and securing critical infrastructure* 

*this is an additional opportunity arising. Due to geopolitical situation and security threats, civil protection is high on the Polish government’s agenda. The draft of the new Act on Civil Protection has been prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Q1 2024 to be submitted for the consultation and the plan is to have the act approved in the second half of the year.  

With these capabilities in mind, attendees are expected from:

  • Police
  • Border Guard
  • State Fire Service
  • Polish State Protection Service
  • Private CNI providers
  • Transportation providers (primarily railways and airports)
  • National Bureau for Security
  • Government Centre for Security
  • Other Government ministries

Event Format

The event will consist of an early evening informal reception on 5 November. This will be followed by the tabletop Public Security Exhibition on 6 November, with capability and doctrine discussions supported by UK government representatives. The event will conclude mid-afternoon to allow for return travel to the UK.

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