We run a series of webinars throughout the year. Many of these are exhibition preview webinars offering audiences insight into our participation, market insight and access to government partners.

Post-COVID rate ramp up: Can your operations and finances handle it?

JUST LAUNCHED - Register for this webinar with Roland Berger and Rothschild to understand how your business can prepare for rising post-COVID aircraft production rates. What rates will actually be realised? What are the operational and cash flow implications? Register now to find out our combined views.

EGADD Annual Main Meeting 2021

Members are invited to join the EGADD Executive Committee (EC) as they come together with Government and Industry export and trade control experts for the 18th Annual Main Meeting.

An introduction to ADS Security Vetting services

JUST LAUNCHED - This webinar is for ADS members in Northern Ireland interested in obtaining security clearances with the MOD. The session will explain the ADS Security Vetting members service and process as well as give the opportunity to ask questions.

Sustainability in aerospace: Sustainable supply chains

The penultimate webinar will focus on sustainable supply chains within the aerospace industry. Designed to complement webinar two, the session will provide practical advice on how to implement sustainable supply chains including details on mapping carbon footprints.