The UK Cyber Security Virtual Seminar for the Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0, is organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) alongside ADS Group and Scottish Development International (SDI), and is an excellent opportunity for UK Cyber Security companies looking to expand their businesses in the Swiss market. This activity will offer 20-25 UK companies a programme of networking opportunities to present their technologies and services to potential clients.

How can UK cyber security companies participate?

A maximum of 25 UK-registered companies will be selected to join the seminar. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will be organised virtually on a single day. You will present your Cyber Security solutions to Heads of Information Security and Senior Executives in the Swiss advanced manufacturing sector and hold short introductory 1-2-1 meetings with interested representatives.

DIT Switzerland would like to showcase UK Cyber Security exhibitors who can present case studies to illustrate the challenges, threats and potential solutions in the following areas:

  • Intellectual Property Theft - Intellectual property and its effective management are a main competitive element and major value driver for today’s global enterprises. Do you have cyber security expertise to manage and deflect cyber-attacks using social engineering techniques?
  • Prevention of Sabotage and Interruption of Production - We are looking to showcase UK expertise that bring solutions to circumvent production sabotage, or interruption, from third parties, hacking single elements, or the whole plant control system.
  • Security by Design - Do you have cyber security solutions for advanced manufacturing industries to incorporate cyber security as a fundamental function of a product or a service?

Selection process: 

The two-stage selection process will involve DIT and SDI teams as well as a panel of experts, taking into account the preferences of potential clients who will be attending the events. We use this method to ensure that you have the best chances of meeting the right matches.



09:00  Welcome words 

09:15  Keynote, Florian Schuetz

09:30  ADS presentation

09:45  Break

10:00  Panel discussion

10:30  Breakout session 

11:00  Lunch break

12:30  UK company pitches (social engineering and intellectual property theft)

13:00  UK company pitches (preventing sabotage and interruption of production)

13:30  Break

14:00  UK company pitches (security by design) 

14:30  Closing remarks

14:45  Close

This event will be run via Teams.