This is the fourth in the series of webinars jointly run with the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Defence Trade Team in the British Embassy, Washington DC and the Department for International Trade’s UK Defence & Security Exports (DSE). This is part of a series of webinars on the US defence market – the largest defence market in the world - to promote greater awareness of the commercial opportunities for UK firms to do business in the defence, space, security and cyber security sectors. 

This webinar series will feature presentations by officials from the US DOD, US specialists, Defence industry and UK Government to provide information and advice on doing business in the lucrative US defence, space, security and cyber security market and how UK industry can exploit the opportunities.

Future webinars will focus on the US Air Force, US Navy/US Marine Corps, US Army, US Space Force, Cyber, US Defence Primes, venture capitalists and more.


13:00  Intro and housekeeping, ADS

13:05  How ADS can support UK industry, Brinley Salzmann, ADS

13:10  How British Defence Staff – United States and UK Gov can support industry in the US market

13:15  Intro to Co-Directors Cdr Alex Bingham and Cdr Albert ‘Prince Al’ Arnold to provide overview of Naval X Tech Bridge (Cdr Bingham/Cdr Arnold) covering:

  • Overview of London Tech Bridge;
  • What it is and how it was formed (noting other Tech Bridges across US);
  • How it differs from other initiatives;
  • Why UK;
  • Focus on next 12 months;
  • Finer details on commercial, financial and IP aspects will develop in time and on a project by project basis;
  • How UK industry can get in touch

13:40  Q&A from audience 

13:55  Close - Thank you’s, highlight the next webinar in the series, Brinley Salzmann, ADS

Royal Navy-US Navy London Tech Bridge:

The Royal Navy and United States Navy have begun a unique joint enterprise to embrace and accelerate ideas and technology as part of a new chapter in their historic relationship. The London Tech Bridge was launched in December 2020 and will see the nations work closely together to create new opportunities and build a network of partnerships between the defence sector, academia and the tech industry. The Tech Bridge’s initial focus will be crewless and autonomous technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and space and will be a central hub for sharing ideas and technology from both sides of the Atlantic, where they can be developed quickly and brought to the frontline using a network created with academia and businesses. The London Tech Bridge is the latest of the thirteen US Tech Bridges and the first overseas and represents a great opportunity for innovative and technology-focussed companies. Join the Co-Directors for the London Tech Bridge, Royal Navy’s Commander Alex Bingham and US Navy’s Commander Albert ‘Prince Al’ Arnold who will provide an overview of the London Tech Bridge, it’s focus areas over the next twelve months and how it is distinctive from existing technology-led initiatives and, most importantly, provide a touch point for UK industry on how to access this unique opportunity.