ADS and the Australian High Commission in London are jointly hosting a webinar on the Australian air systems and space market, to promote greater awareness of the potential commercial opportunities there are for UK firms to do business there in the aerospace and space sectors. 

There was already considerable interest in doing business with Australia prior to the release on 1 July 2020 of Australia’s 2020 Defence Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan, which clearly sets out a highly ambitious plan for the future enhancement of Australia’s defence capabilities. This is to include c.A$65bn (c.£35.5bn) on its air capabilities and c.A$7bn (c.£4bn) on its space capabilities between now and 2030. On 23 February 2021, both countries signed the Space Bridge Framework Arrangement that focuses on areas such as:

  • Government-to-government collaboration on space programs and technology
  • Trade and investment, including commercial contracts and collaboration
  • Research and education

This has only served to further enhance interest in doing business with Australia.

This webinar will feature presentations by officials from the Australian Government, as well as from the UK Defence Solutions Centre on its perceptions on the potential opportunities that could present themselves for UK firms and from AUSTRADE on the considerable indigenous capabilities that already exist in Australia and should make the all-important search for local industrial partners as easy as possible.


  • 09:00  Welcome - Claire Parsons, Event Manager, ADS Group
  • 09:02  Introduction - Brinley Salzmann, Director Overseas & Exports, ADS Group 
  • 09:05  The Australian air systems and space market - Freddie Martin, UK Defence Solutions Centre
  • 09:10  The Royal Australian Air Force - Group Captain Adrian Maso, Air Force Adviser, Australian High Commission in London
  • 09:20  The Australia Industrial Capability requirement - Jane Wood, Counsellor Defence Materiel, Australian High Commission in London
  • 09:25  ADS’ activities to support the UK space sector - Bhavin Vyas, Head of Space, ADS Group
  • 09:30  UK-Australia Space Bridge - Henry Sayers, Senior Trade and Investment Adviser, Department for International Trade & Gracie Lawrence, International Policy Manager, UKSA
  • 09:40  The vital importance of partnerships with Australian industry - Andy Thompson, Director - Defence & Security, AUSTRADE, Australian High Commission in London
  • 09:50  Open forum Q&A
  • 10:00  Close, Brinley Salzmann - Director Overseas & Exports, ADS Group