This webinar is being organised in collaboration with the UK Defence & Security Exports at the Department for International Trade, and is aimed to provide UK police and security companies with an overview on what the opportunities may be across the police, public security, private security, prisons and fire sectors in Argentina. Attendance at this event is essential for any UK companies interested in doing business in the police and security Argentine marketplace.


On Friday 4th September President Alberto Fernandez announced the details of the “Security Strengthening Programme for the Greater Buenos Aires Region”, which implies an investment of c.£387m, following a marked increase in both violent crime and illegal land seizures. Under this programme more police will be recruited and federal agents will be deployed to the suburbs. More and better equipment will be procured, safe bus stops and (10-12) new prisons will be built, police stations will be refurbished and police cars will be purchased. The Government intends to seek to expand the plan to other parts of the province and then to the rest of the country at a later date. There is also a very large and capable private security sector. Whilst Argentina has a fairly strong indigenous security industry in low tech areas, as well as for software, and has been reasonably successful in exporting its products and services to a number of other countries across Latin America, currently it has fairly limited capabilities in the more advanced, high tech areas. The identification of an effective and reliable local partner, especially to provide integration and/or maintenance support can be an effective route into the Argentine police and security market, and the use of agents is also very important, as some form of local office has to be registered to access tenders in the market. Also, the use of a local partner or agent can help enormously to try to overcome a natural language barrier that would otherwise exist in a market where all documents and negotiations have to be in Spanish. Security companies from China, the US and Israel are already active in Argentina, but the quality of UK-sourced security products and services is very highly regarded.


14:00  Welcome and introduction, Brinley Salzmann, Director - Overseas & Exports, ADS

14:05  Opening comments, Mark Goldby, Assistant Head - Americas and the Caribbean, DIT DSE

14:10  The Argentine security market (Government, Private and Cyber), Sonia Aponte Tinao and Victoria Olmos, British Embassy,  Buenos Aires

14:30  A practical case study of a UK security firm’s experiences of doing business with Argentina (TBC)

14:45  Open forum Q&A

15:00  Final remarks and close, Brinley Salzmann, Director - Overseas & Exports, ADS.