Our Business Ethics Network and Sustainability Working Group are collaborating with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP UK in organising a free-to-participate webinar on the importance for companies of all sizes of supply chain visibility when managing ethical risk in their supply chains, through implementing effective due diligence processes and procedures.

The increasing focus from regulators (e.g. the introduction of modern slavery act statements, etc), customers, wider stakeholders (eg investors) and the general public on ensuring that end-to-end supply chains are free from ethical infringements such as human rights abuses, environmental damage, and other socially unacceptable activity is increasing the pressures on companies of all sizes to ensure that they are seen to have in place effective policies and procedures to address these issues. The aerospace and defence industries face particular challenges in this arena, especially in identifying and monitoring these issues due to the very often highly complex nature of their global supply chains. 

To assist responsible companies in this area to manage the inherent risks involved, there is a range of new and frameworks and technologies which help organisations to gain greater visibility across lower levels of their supply chain and be able to manage these risks more proactively. This webinar will cover some of these issues and then feature a panel discussion session of industry experts discussing issues such as:

  • Looking at how the risk is evolving and impacting organisations - which particular aspects present the biggest challenges;
  • Exploring the extent to which there is focus on this topic by Boards and Management and how resources are allocated to address it;
  • Providing examples of how companies are managing the risks more effectively, and, in particular, through the use of technologies and frameworks, including specialist technology providers working specifically across the Aerospace and Defence industries.

There will also be an opportunity for interactive questions to be posed by the audience to the expert panel.

Draft Agenda:

  • 14:00  Webinar housekeeping - Claire Parsons, Event Manager, ADS Group
  • 14:02  Welcome and introduction - Brinley Salzmann, Director – Overseas & Exports, ADS Group
  • 14:10  Setting the scene and some observations about managing the risk - Mark Anderson, Supply Chain & Third Party Risk & Resilience (PwC Partner), and Cristina Bortes, ESG & Human Rights (PwC Director)
  • 14:30  Panel discussion on the issues raised - Guy Higgins, Jaguary Land Rover.  Further panellists to be confirmed
  • 15:15  Open forum Q&A
  • 15:30  Closing remarks - Brinley Salzmann, Director – Overseas & Exports, ADS Group