For the next webinar in our Managing Brexit series we are joined by experts from legal teams in the UK and Europe.

A UK based law firm will talk on the new rules and requirements for bringing people from the EU into to the UK for work,  with some practical examples of routes to take.

We are also going to be joined by speakers from France and Italy as key member states and our speakers will offer some of the specific requires beyond the TCA for worker mobility in the EU.

Joining us from Brodies, a UK based legal firm, is Elaine McIlroy who will provide an overview on the new rules for businesses who want to hire EU nationals to undertake work in the UK. We will also hear from Francesca Tironi, a labour law expert from PWC, who will give specific insights into transnational employment in relation to the European legal framework, as European labour law can no longer be applied to the UK. 

As for specifics from key member states, we will hear from Dr Numa Isnard an expert in France, with experience in the Space sector, who will provide an insight on the new legal framework for UK nationals to work in France. Paolo Lucarini, a leading expert on Brexit for PWC Italy, will then offer an insight with respect to immigration and movement of workers into Italy. 


  • 14:00  ADS opening remarks and introductions – Jonathan Hawkings, Director of Policy, ADS Group  
  • 14:05  Workforce mobility from the EU to the UK - Elaine McIlroy, Partner, Brodies LLP Solicitors
  • 14:15  Beyond the TCA - Transnational employment law - Francesca Torini, Partner, PWC Italy
  • 14:25  Focus on France - Dr Numa Isnard, Lawyer & Space Expert
  • 14:35  Focus on Italy - Paolo Lucarini, Partner, PWC Italy
  • 14:45  Q&A - Facilitated by ADS