Following the success of the recent Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Forum in October 2018, we would be delighted if you, or a representative from your company, could join us for a second dialogue on the GCC region. Representatives from the Department for International Trade’s Defence & Security Organisation, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Ministry of Defence, the Defence Growth Partnership and the Defence Solutions Centre will also be in attendance.

This Gulf Forum, which will be particularly appropriate for any companies who are planning on participating at the forthcoming IDEX 2019 exhibition, in Abu Dhabi, in February 2019. It will provide an opportunity to receive an informed update on the business climate and political developments in the GCC and to participate in a two-way dialogue with the desk officers covering the region.

This whole event will be covered by very strict “Chatham House Rule” so that you and the presenters can speak as freely as possible.

This event is due to take place from 14.00, with a wind-down networking tea/coffee reception afterwards, ending at 18.00.

It will be free of charge. However, companies will initially be limited to only sending one delegate per firm, due to space limitations, although they can lodge a request for a second delegate also to attend, if space permits.