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Following the success of the previous Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Forums, ADS will be holding the third dialogue on the GCC region.  

The countries of the GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) spend c.US$130 billion (c.£100 billion) each year on defence, much of which goes to contractors in other countries. They are also very significant purchasers of police and security technologies and services, and, for instance, GCC states have invested heavily in enhancing their cyber protection capabilities, and have developed a variety of legislative and other measures to tackle cybercrime. This makes the GCC a highly lucrative market, especially for suppliers from nations whose own governments’ defence and security spending is stagnant or reducing. As a result of this reliance on imports, the region generally-speaking has little to show in terms of local R&D and manufacturing capabilities, although efforts are being made to try to address this, especially in the UAE. Given the current geopolitical and strategic uncertainty, GCC governments will almost certainly continue spending heavily on defence and national security, but they must spend in a more measured way. By changing their approach, and especially through the wider adoption of offset-type mechanisms to attract investment into their indigenous industrial capabilities, GCC governments can develop a more vibrant manufacturing sector in the region, with more jobs for GCC nationals. In the next decade, demand for local defence products and services could grow to c.US$30 billion (c.£23 billion) annually from a current level which is estimated to be c.US$6 billion (c.£4.6 billion), with similar growth expected in the police and security sectors. 

The day’s events will cover a wide range of topics, including: export licensing, Gulf political direction and the cyber and security export strategies. Attendance will also provide the opportunity for UK industry to hear the latest on a range of topical issues from UK Government, and present a great opportunity to engage and network with Military Advisor’s, Desk Officers and relatively senior officials.  


• An opportunity for UK industry to meet and engage with HMG, to receive an informed update on the business climate and political developments in the GCC;

• An opportunity for UK industry to engage with like-minded companies, to explore and share understanding of barriers and opportunities in the Gulf;

• Open and continue dialogue between UK industry, HMG and the Gulf, including an opportunity to participate in a two-way dialogue with desk officers covering the region. 

This event is open to both to Members of ADS Group, and also to non-Members.