The FlyZero project – led by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute - is working to develop roadmaps for technology bricks critical to realising zero carbon emission commercial flight. This event will focus on a key technology brick: hydrogen storage and distribution, including cryogenic systems, tanks which accommodate both gaseous and liquid H2, and fuel system certification. The purpose of the event is to share and discuss the challenges around developing these technology bricks to maturity across sectors and to identify UK capability and opportunities.

The event will be jointly hosted by ADS Northern Ireland and by the Aerospace Technology Institute. During FlyZero, the ATI will be collaborating with cluster bodies across different sectors and across the regions of the UK.

You are very welcome to register for this event. 


13:00  Fly Zero overview & Q&A

13:30  Hydrogen Storage – Presentations on Tank challenges and opportunities from FlyZero, Industry and Academia.

14:30  Hydrogen System – Presentations on Fuel System challenges and opportunities from FlyZero, Industry and Academia.

15:30  Session close and next steps for Roadmaps

15:45  Close