ADS, in partnership with member company Translucidus, will be hosting a Cultural Awareness briefing focused on the Arab World, which aims to give an effective perception of the Arab way of life, the essential means to avoid social misunderstanding and to assist in the management of business.

This free to attend member only briefing will be useful for any companies planning to participate in UK Pavilions in that region of the world including Dubai Airshow in November 2019 and SOFEX in Jordan in April 2020, as well as those likely to engage with Arab delegations during DSEI in September 2019.

The topics covered will include:

  • The Region. Regional definition – Middle East, Arab World, Central Asia, North Africa, Arab League, Gulf Cooperation Council, Western influences on political boundaries.
  • Overview Of Culture - National, Professional, Organisational, Generational.
  • Cultural Respect - Essential points of Arab culture; Language, Behaviour, Tradition, Hospitality, Islam. Dress and Religion; The importance of national dress socially and religiously. Greetings, Social Interaction, Discussion, Communal Respect, Importance of Islam.
  • Arab Influence - The influence of the Arab World on Western and Global Society.
  • Business - Overview of Arab World Business.

To register your attendance at this event, please click the 'register' button on the right handside. For any queries, please contact Jemma Keen directly.