Following on from our successful briefing in May with Lynne Owens, the Director General of the National Crime Agency (NCA), and as part of our commitment to deepen our working relationship with the NCA, we are now very pleased to welcome their TRACER team for the next of our Security Briefing Series. We would encourage members to sign up to this briefing in order to learn more about how industry can engage effectively with a critical project to protect and enhance the UK’s national security. 

Hosted by the NCA, TRACER is a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary team which provides an opportunity and threat management function and assesses their impact on digital investigative capability. It then researches and develops propositions to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats. TRACER serves UK policing, UK law enforcement agencies and the UK intelligence agencies and engages with this community to maintain an up-to-date and prioritised threat and opportunity picture.

The aim of TRACER is “to represent the voice of a broad and diverse community to ensure that investment decisions in digital investigative capabilities are operationally relevant, fit for purpose and support the attainment of operational outcomes.”