This event is aimed at UK companies, especially within the business development discipline interested in hearing about, examining and discussing with experts ways to try to access the US defence market, both at the commercial and the US DoD level.

The Defence Trade Office at the British Embassy in Washington DC is leading a team visit to the UK in the last week of March, to meet with and brief UK firms interested in doing business with the US Department of Defense, and working with ADS on the organising of a briefing and networking session as part of the itinerary. 


Politicians in the US have recently reached a two-year deal that would set US Defence spending at US$700 billion (or £506 billion+) for 2018 and $716 billion (or £518 billion+) for 2019, meaning that it will be spending more on defence than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UK, India, France and Japan combined, and that the $80 billion increase on the figure for 2017 in military spending in 2018 would itself surpass the total annual military budget of any other country, apart from China. Therefore, the US market is not one which any defence company can afford to ignore. However, the US defence market has been regarded as being quite a difficult and closed one for many years, and the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, with his considerable emphasis on US jobs, has been perceived by many as not easing this situation. 


The delegation will brief UK companies on the considerable commercial opportunities that exist for UK firms in the US defence market, and will network with companies, to try to identify potential routes into the US market for those UK firms who want to meet with them.