Join us for a FREE interactive workshop hosted by ADS and the Technology Exploitation Team, part of the UK MoD’s Acquisition & Approvals Transformation Portfolio (AATP), for a chance to engage in the latest developments and thinking within Defence’s acquisition environment.  

We are living in a time of unprecedented change, and technology is developing faster than ever before. The nature of conflict has changed. New adversaries have emerged and to counter the threats our Armed Forces require equipment which is state-of-the-art. Defence recognises it needs to get better at using agile methodologies to exploit cutting edge technology.  

AATP’s Technical Exploitation Team has been engaged in a work strand aimed at redesigning the end-to-end acquisition process to get technology to the end-user at pace and while it is still technologically relevant. The Team now want to expose their approach to Industry in order to get feedback and allow them to move forward with development.


  • Introduction and welcome - Andrew Forzani, Chief Commercial Officer, MOD
  • Outline of the acquisition and approvals transformation portfolio - Caroline Boughton, Director Acquisition and Approvals Transformation Portfolio, MOD
  • Technology Exploitation Change Programme - Nicky Reynolds, Technology Exploitation Team Lead, MOD
  • Discussion sessions:
    • Session 1 - How do we identify and create opportunities to support collaboration with industry at an early stage to allow agile technology pull-through at pace?
    • Session 2 - Barriers to collaborating with MOD
  • Summary and event close - Caroline Boughton, Director Acquisition and Approvals Transformation Portfolio, MOD

This will be an excellent opportunity for members to engage and help shape and improve the latest processes and thinking within Defence’s acquisition arena.