Opportunities in sustainable aerospace explored in our new webinar series

As the UK hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow later this year and the aviation industry continues to commit to Net Zero by 2050, we are delighted to launch a series of webinars to increase your understanding of an important and developing area that will become critical in winning future business.

“The journey to net-zero is going to affect all parts of the aviation and aerospace industry and everyone involved in the sector is going to need to address the opportunities and challenges that this offers.

Companies across the sector are making great strides in delivering greener products and supply chains and in this series of webinars we will be exploring the approaches being taken, hear about what other companies and people are doing as well as offering a forum for discussion and questions.”

Hugh Clayton – Group Director, Engineering & Strategy – Meggitt plc

Sustainable aerospace webinars

Focused on sustainability in UK aerospace, we will be examining the current operating environment across four webinars and provide practical guidance for member companies of all types and sizes. Expert speakers from across the aerospace industry will be sharing best practice and answering questions on implementing sustainable supply chains alongside production and operations.

  • 28 July: Sustainability and Aerospace: the challenges and opportunities

This first webinar session provided an overarching view on sustainable aerospace and the current operating environment. The challenges and opportunities associated with a commitment to sustainable aviation will also be explored.

  • 9 September: Sustainability in aerospace production and operations (commercial and defence): towards the low carbon future

The second webinar provided guidance on how to achieve sustainable aerospace production and operations.

Future webinars:

Designed to complement webinar two, this penultimate session will provide practical advice on how to implement sustainable supply chains including details on mapping carbon footprints.

The final webinar will reflect on COP26 answering what does it mean for industry within a local and international context. During the webinar aerospace technology areas of the future will be explored.

Achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050

Decarbonisation is a driving force behind the aerospace industry. Find out more about the route to net zero in our infographic.

Achieving Net Zero graphic