Obama: The EU makes Britain even greater

President Barack Obama landed in the UK last night and today is in Windsor to wish Her Majesty The Queen a happy 90th birthday before holding meetings at Downing Street this afternoon.

Writing in today’s Telegraph President Obama confirmed the special relationship between the US and the UK is as important as ever:

“The United Kingdom remains a friend and ally to the United States like no other.”

Throughout this week on the blog we’ve been talking about #ExportingisGREAT. The significance of our relationship with the US is clear when it comes to trade – with North America the second largest export region for UK Aerospace – and yesterday we highlighted five key facts on UK-US Aerospace and Defence exports and collaboration.

Ahead of the US, the largest export region for the UK Aerospace is Europe. And with 82% of ADS Members exporting to the EU, the outcome of the forthcoming EU referendum matters to companies in our sectors.

President Obama – speaking as a friend – has made clear his view that the UK should remain in the EU; that the EU makes Britain even greater.

One of the key benefits to our sectors from the UK’s membership of the EU is free and easy access to trade and integrated pan-European supply chains. EU membership makes doing business with Toulouse, Turin and Trier as easy as doing business with Norwich, Newcastle and Nuneaton.

President Obama highlights this in his article:

“When it comes to creating jobs, trade, and economic growth in line with our values, the UK has benefited from its membership in the EU – inside a single market that provides enormous opportunities for the British people.”

We also benefit from influence in Europe and the world, and, as the President says:

“The European Union doesn’t moderate British influence – it magnifies it. A strong Europe is not a threat to Britain’s global leadership; it enhances Britain’s global leadership.”

As the President makes clear, the choice in nine weeks’ time is one for UK citizens to make – but there will be implications for businesses here in the UK, and our partners around the world, whichever way the vote goes. The view of ADS and our Members is clear: the UK’s continued membership of the EU is good for companies, their employees and the future prosperity of the country.