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Putting Insight and Foresight in ‘Plain Sight’

HAELO is at the forefront of the UK’s Spaceflight industry and is leading the way in developing Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport’s launch capability and strategy for what will become Europe’s premier space destination.

This is just one example of how HAELO helps organisations make sense of complex operations. HAELO has also delivered results for industry leading companies such as QinetiQ, Thales, and Landmarc to name a few.

Founded in 2016 by Mick O’Connor CEng CDir, HAELO draws upon his 30+ years career from an apprentice welder straight from school through to successfully leading operations in the Space, Defence, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, Construction, Aviation and Manufacturing Industries.


HAELO was established to help senior leaders deal with the uncertainties and anxieties of managing a complex operation. Following a particularly dreadful business experience, Mick considered how he dealt with uncertainty and made decisions. His experience of working alongside the military served him well as he reflected on how they planned and conducted missions and how their methods may apply to industry. Plans are fraught with uncertainty, from first contact a plan is out of date, the military know this and adapt their tactics to suit the prevailing conditions. In industry we tend to stick with the plan, mainly for contractual reasons, even when conditions have changed beyond all recognition. In today’s complex and fast-moving world leaders need better ways of detecting and responding to emerging conditions. That is where HAELO comes in.

Utilising a unique mix of experience and expertise, the HAELO team have created a novel framework entitled Organisational Meshing® and a software app named IO®. Proven to enable leaders to lead effectively in uncertain conditions by connecting people and enabling them to share insightful information. Or put simply, helping organisations WORK AS ONE.

“HAELO helped us stay focused and to think and act quickly in a rapidly changing environment”

Ian Beresford, Group Operations Director, QinetiQ

Simplifying Complex

The HAELO IO® app lifts the fog of uncertainty by giving leaders access to the ground truth and focusing attention where it really matters.

Increasing Certainty

The HAELO IO® app is usable straight ‘out-the-box’ employing novel visual prompts to make it is easy for leaders to spot when things start to go wrong and take immediate action.

Your Organisation at your fingertips

HAELO IO® brings people together and connects every part of the organisation enabling leaders to make insight driven decisions based upon useful information shared by those who know best, and you trust most, ‘your people’.

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