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Capital Offset Services Ltd provide services to the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Their focus is on developing exports for UK companies and guidance and training for foreign government policy development and administration.

With a background in cross border trade finance and government procurement Capital develop leading opportunities for clients to establish themselves in new markets. Today, many governments recognise that they must balance their country’s immediate infrastructure and technology needs between foreign and local procurement. For many countries to modernise local procurement is not an available option. Therefore, foreign procurement is often linked with localisation of capability in order to offset the cost of procuring from a foreign supplier.

Capital assists companies to establish themselves in foreign markets for the purpose of securing new sales. Capital do this by quickly understanding our client’s business and strategic goals, determining which countries would be most suitable for expansion, introducing our client’s to strong local partners, facilitating strategic meetings with senior local government officials and securing grant funding to cover costs.

Therefore, instead of selling to a foreign customer their support enables clients to develop their solution with the foreign customer. This creates many advantages, especially for smaller companies that do not have established local offices or representation. Capital’s guidance and support creates an engagement with the government customer who is motivated to procure from a localised capability and a trusted local company. Capital ensures that the local partner is capable of accelerating the local sale, supporting the local development of the capability and can provide wider market access through existing networks for additional sales.

Along with Capital’s ability to access grant funding to cover the costs of client’s expansion and development they are able to secure rapid expansion for our clients.

Services for UK companies

  • Strategy development for expansion into specific markets to capture local sales.
  • Introductory services to target country industry partners.
  • Funding for overseas development and expansion through offset funds.
  • Building in-country development plans with local partners and government/end user.
  • Offset project development and management.
  • Management and execution of indirect offset commitments.
  • Pre and post-contract administration through in-house placements (secondments) on either short or long term basis.

Services for Government

  • Procurement and offset policy development and training.
  • Government executive training through our training partner – McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

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