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Innovative signal analysis, satellite communications and information security solutions

SystemWare has longstanding relationships over many years with a selection of globally recognised leading suppliers, delivering a diverse selection of products and equipment across a variety of markets.

Over the last 15 years SystemWare has been supporting European Civil & Defence markets with tailored solutions within the communication industries.


Products and Services


Our wide range of VHF & UHF mulidipol antennas will reduce the number of antennas required in a given location, whether sited on Mobile ATC units or fixed tower installations, without the degradation of antenna performance. These products have supported radio manufacturers, systems integrators and global ANSPs for many years where performance and reliability is most of important.

Pan & Tilt Positioners

Our range of Pan & Tilt Positioner are equipped with an integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) along with an embedded web browser enabling easy discovery and control. With multiple configurable communication ports these Pan & Tilts provide convenient payload integration and communication along with 360-degree continuous rotation. Supporting a wide range of payloads our Pan & Tilts are ideal for airport security and counter UAV system applications where reliability and repeatability is essential.


Save time, money and labour with the innovative PolEvator. One technician, using a standard drill, can quickly, easily and safely service or repair pole-mounted cameras without the need for high-reach devices, such as bucket trucks, ladders or multiple technicians. With its unique, patented, self-lubricating lowering mechanism, the PolEvator is built to smoothly lower its payload to ground level yet withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Constructed of extruded aluminium, the PolEvator is designed to withstand high wind gusts of 150mph, resulting in little to no picture distortion. Models available 16’ or 18’ the PolEvator accepts a wide range of cameras and video surveillance accessories.

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