Member Spotlight: RPS Recruitment

RPS Recruitment is a rapidly growing talent acquisition partner to the Aerospace & Defence industry. At RPS we do things a little differently, by utilising unique technology designed exclusively for us, decades of experience and a highly driven team we have the ability to secure and retain the most sought-after talent for our customers.

We know that finding the right candidate with the necessary technical skills can be challenging but what can sometimes be harder is personality and cultural fit. Which is why at RPS, we don’t put square pegs in round holes. Our aptitude and personality profiling technology allows us to identify candidates that are the ideal cultural and capability match.

In other words, a perfect fit… always.

This individual approach has enabled us to win exclusive long-term partnerships with some of the world’s biggest Aerospace & Defence businesses, such as Transdigm, Crane Aerospace & Electronics and Parker Aerospace.

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Specialists in Aerospace & Defence Recruitment

As is widely publicised, the Aerospace & Defence industry is facing an extreme shortage of highly skilled talent at the moment, making it incredibly difficult to achieve on-time delivery of high value projects. Every business wants the best talent, in the shortest amount of time, to realise their commercial objectives. What every business does not have is an embedded recruitment partner that can get to talent quicker than the competition.

At RPS, we have this capability: we acquire the most talented individuals that can unlock the commercial potential of your business.

To underpin the positive impact long term, we’ve launched a brand new service that ensures your organisation benefits from industry-leading HR support; ensuring our partnership adds true value in the most sustainable way.


We’ve partnered with a HR expert with over 15 years of Aerospace, Defence & Technology experience, and influential member of CPID to support our clients both new and existing in all aspects of HR.

Whether you’re a business that doesn’t have access to a HR professional, or maybe you need extra support in some areas, then our HR Expert can provide the knowledge and assistance to move your business forward. Be it a specific HR issue, a need for more general advice within Human Resources or outsourcing an area of HR to take the load off your current HR staff so you can focus on other areas, our expert can be of significant value to you and your business.

To top it off, we’re offering a 1-hour free consultation for any business interested in our new service, with 0 obligations.

Here’s a few members of the team to talk about RPS and how we provide a perfect fit always:


Give us a call on 0161 641 0090, email or follow our LinkedIn here for more information to find out more.