#MeetADS: Karen Cartwright-Hassard, Business Opportunities Information Manager

Karen joined ADS in December 2010 as Business Opportunities Information Manager, supporting the sector teams across ADS and the British Aviation Group (BAG). She spends her time developing our market intelligence and business development resources nationally and internationally. You may have seen her posting the latest tender and programme information in our ADS Members LinkedIn Group.

Karen’s work is varied covering:

  • Sales Leads and Tenders – Daily sweep of sales leads covering a range of sources including the OJEU, US Government and military, DRDO India, Heathrow Airport, IAA India to name but a few.
  • Market Intelligence Research – A varied remit encompassing information on countries and programmes which could include competitor’s intelligence concerning suppliers working on an Aerospace platform, such as the LEAP engines, to a breakdown of the Security market in Oman, to the latest news concerning progress in 3RS at Hong Kong International Airport.
  • Business Development Centre – Collating and uploading opportunities daily onto the new Business Development Centre and BAG Wiki in the member’s area of the websites.

The breadth of work is shaped by the Membership feeding back requirements through meetings of the ADS sector Export Groups, the BAG Executive Board meetings, and also through discussions with the DIT DSO and other industry stakeholders.

Karen’s background isn’t in a discipline that you would expect, having come from nursing via a Master’s degree in Behaviour, Biology and Health. She entered the world of Defence through Fujitus, supporting the Defence and Home Office teams as a market intelligence researcher.

Karen is based in the Farnborough office, with occasional sojourns up to the London office for meetings.

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