Meet the UK Space Agency CEO – Dr Paul Bate

We were delighted to have had the opportunity to host Dr Paul Bate, CEO of the UK Space Agency in the latest instalment of our meet the CEO webinar series. Dr Bate was joined by newly appointed ADS President Julian Whitehead, Airbus Defence & Space and Bhavin Vyas, Head of Space, ADS.

Opening Remarks

ADS President Julian introduced Dr Bate and outlined that ADS and UKspace will continue to work together and with key Government stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the National Space Strategy throughout 2022.

UK Space Agency Overview

Since joining the agency in September 2021, Dr Bate outlined that he has been asking stakeholders two questions to understand what they do in the space sector and how the UK Space Agency can support them better.

Since the inception of the agency more than ten years ago, Dr Bate noted that the operating environment has changed drastically. The UK Space sector has grown enormously in depth and breadth highlighted by its inclusion in the Comprehensive Spending Review and the launch of the new National Space Strategy which encompasses both civilian and military space.

Key Messages

During the webinar, there were many key messages that Dr Bate was keen to convey.

1. Our way of life on Earth depends on Space

This message relates to the fact that everything the agency does is in pursuit of improving lives on earth and increasing value to both people and the planet. Dr Bate emphasised that Space was more than just A to B and plays a fundamental role that is critical to society in relation to satellite positioning, navigation, signal timings, food supply, power grids, 5G networks and finance. Dr Bate emphases that Space is a huge deal and will only become more important.

2. Space Powers the Future

Dr Bate estimated that the Space sector will be worth £490bn by 2030, and that space will play a vital role in unlocking a greener, smarter economy.

3. Space Inspires us to think bigger

Dr Bate passionately described the unique way in which space sparks imaginations and fuels innovations that have the power to improve lives. Space has applications to a range of different sectors and has the power to support and disrupt the business models, listing agriculture as an example.

4. Protecting Space and the National Space Strategy

Space offers an ability for us to protect what matters most and is essential to protect our communities and natural environment from climate change.

UK Space and the National Space Strategy

During the webinar, Dr Bate gave an overview of how the UK Space Agency delivers the National Space Strategy by:

  1. Catalysing investment into the UK space sector: the UK Space Agency is exploring how to catalyse the right levels of investment into the UK to ensure its world-based leader positioning is maintained. Technologies that are currently being explored include: space based solar power, space based nuclear, quantum key technologies, telecoms and in-orbit service and manufacturing.
  2. Delivering Space capabilities and missions that benefit society: the agency is acting as an intelligent customer on behalf of UK Government and is working to ensure Space sustainability, satellite tracking and space discovery missions.
  3. Championing the power of space to improve lives: Dr Bate emphasized the agency’s important role of driving a passion for the power of space from students studying STEM through to non-sector industries incorporating Space as part of its business models.

ADS was delighted to welcome, Dr Paul Bate and would like to thank him for his time. If you missed the webinar and would like to catch-up, you can watch it here.