Round-up of GOCO media coverage

There was plenty of coverage in today’s papers on the MOD’s shift in plans for reforming defence procurement (ADS’ own view was supportive of the MOD’s decision).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Independent features an analysis piece arguing that ‘U-turns don’t get any bigger than this’.
  • The Scotsman notes that the move will cost the taxpayer £7.5m and includes a comment from Lord West of Spithead, saying it is not ‘appropriate’ for Bernard Gray to become Chief Executive of the new procurement body because he previously backed outsourcing.
  • The FT highlights opposition from civil servants to plans to bring in commercial executives to run the programme.
  • The Wall Street Journal features comment from Bechtel expressing disappointment but saying they remain ‘committed’ to exploring alternative MoD efforts to reform procurement.