Big Data – Big Challenge

Big Data is a hot topic for businesses right now. With the ability to transform manufacturing, improve productivity and enable growth it is well worth understanding how your business can harness the opportunities Big Data offers.

Manufacturers are used to collecting vast amounts of data but without the capacity to process, reduce and analyse that data it is useless. Instead, by harnessing the data companies are able to analyse it to find answers that enable cost and time reductions, new product development and smart decision making.

ADS is hosting a ‘Big Data’ event on Monday 14 March which will demystify ‘Big Data’ and how it is helping to shape advanced manufacturing. It is an exciting opportunity for companies to meet with market leaders who will explain the technology available to collect and analyse ‘Big Data’ and the benefits it offers your business. For more information about this event please contact

With modern industries relying increasingly on data if advanced manufacturers can harness and exploit this then they will be able to gain competitive advantage.