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UK Government buys stake in OneWeb

The UK Government have been successful in acquiring a stake in the UK headquarter small satellite company OneWeb after it filed for bankruptcy in the…

Osprey KIDS

ADS Spotlight – Introducing Osprey KIDS!

In amongst the current Coronavirus crisis, there have been many additional challenges placed upon our daily lives. One new challenge parents around the UK are…

Brexit transition

Into the Transition Period

What will happen On Friday 31 January at 23.00 GMT the UK will officially leave the European Union and the Article 50 process comes to…

Jeremy Corbyn Labour Manifesto

Labour Party Manifesto #GE2019

This morning the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn launched the party’s 2019 manifesto in Birmingham with his Shadow Cabinet. The manifesto itself has long promised to…

Liberal Democrat Manifesto #GE2019

Over the coming weeks ADS will be summarising the manifestos of the UK’s major political parties, pulling out some of the key policies which are…