Heather Gilchrist

Heather Gilchrist

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ADS Submission for Budget 2020

In February ADS wrote to the Treasury outlining our sectors’ priorities ahead of Budget 2020. At Budget 2020, ADS calls on the Government to: Support…

How Personal Flight Could Be A Reality

Written by Karun Harrar, Aerospace Innovation Executive, ADS The emerging UAM Sector could see exciting synergies between automotive and aerospace companies, accelerating the prospect of…

ADS SDG Deep Dive Session 2019

Written by Christine Akrofi, Aerospace Regulatory Manager at ADS Following the “Supermeet” (an annual event whereby all of the ADS environmental working groups meet to…

Embracing Challenges: Meet BAE Systems’ Gina

For National Apprenticeship Week, ADS is featuring several apprentices from across our sectors to demonstrate why apprenticeships are important and the talent in our sectors….