Aerospace Growth Partnership

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) Skills Working Group recently produced a practical guide supporting knowledge and skills retention in the Aerospace sector.

Fighting the “Brain Drain” – Knowledge Management a key enabler for Aerospace skills

The ever-increasing complexity of aerospace products and advancements in new technology can create challenges in terms of the time it takes new employees to acquire the necessary expertise, become productive and add value. 

The problem is compounded by the fact that most of the knowledge is often held by a small number of experts, many of whom are nearing retirement age. This is an issue not only for Engineering but the whole organisation.

By introducing a culture and a mindset of effective knowledge management and best practice development across the sector, the aerospace industry as a whole can benefit substantially.

Now more than ever, companies need to address issues such as ageing work populations, managing expertise, dealing with ramp up/down and reorganisation.

Supported by the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP), this Knowledge Management Toolkit provides pragmatic support on how these key issues can be addressed. Contents include methods for identifying knowledge gaps and the tools for closing them such as knowledge transfer or capture.

 “I strongly encourage all UK Aerospace organisations to take advantage of the tools and guidance set out on this toolkit.” – Mark Stewart, Chair AGP Skills Working Group

This project has been partly supported by HM Government with Employer Ownership funding together with funding from GKN Aerospace Ltd., THALES and Airbus.

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