Our Sectors

From technology and exports, to apprenticeships and investment, the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors are vital to the UK’s growth.


The UK Aerospace sector is the largest in Europe and the second globally to the USA, generating well-paid jobs, high-tech exports and sustainable growth across the country. The UK has a long standing aerospace heritage – from inventing the turbojet, to helping to design, develop and manufacture the world’s first supersonic commercial airliner. With £31.8bn in revenue and around 120,000 direct employees, the UK has continued to be at the very heart of cutting edge aerospace design and innovation.

In 2017, the UK continues to build on its impressive heritage, with strengths in a wide range of areas such as the design and manufacture of large aircraft wings; aircraft engines; helicopters and advanced systems including landing gear, fuel, mechanical, avionics and electrical power. In addition, UK aerospace businesses are growing in new areas of technology, such as enhanced connectivity for passengers and additive layer manufacturing.

The UK Aerospace industry and ADS are also is well positioned to benefit from the continued rapid growth in the global aerospace market, with an expected 35,000 new aircraft set to be required over the next 20 years, worth around $5.3 trillion.


The UK Defence Sector is the largest exporter of defence equipment and services in Europe, second only to the US globally. Generating annual revenues of more than £23bn, the sector delivers world-leading capability that is vital to protecting UK national security and generating economic prosperity.



The UK’s security sector has grown by 133% since since 2010 and its annual turnover has now reached £13bn. ADS is the only national trade association that represents the breadth of the security sector.


Through its capabilities, the sector has helped the UK government and international partners prevent, manage and respond to a number of high profile risks.  It has provided surveillance and Search and Rescue assets to address the migration crisis in the Mediterranean, helped contain and eradicate the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and protected the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games from terrorism, domestic extremism and cyber attacks.


The global economy increasingly depends upon Space infrastructure and hardware, such as satellites and advance infrastructure. The UK is the leading exporter of satellite-based tools to the developing world. The UK Space sector currently commands 7.3% of the world market in Space products and services. The sector is experiencing significant growth and the UK market is expected to grow from its current level to £40bn by 2030.



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