How we work

Member representatives are at the centre of the organisation’s structure and work.

ADS Structure

ADS is a non for profit trade organisation and operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital. The Articles of Association for ADS Group Ltd provide further information regarding its mandate of operation.

Governance Structure




Council is the governing body determining the work and activities. It consists of a mix of both elected and non-elected Members.

Paul Kahn – CEO of Airbus Group UK was elected President of ADS, in January 2016. He will serve for two years tenure heading up the ADS Council. Four Vice Presidents are also elected by Members and are appointed to serve on Council representing each of the Sectors covering, Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space.

Finance & Operating Board

Finance & Operating Board (FOB) is made up of a sub-group of elected and appointed Members from Council. FOB representation ensures there is a balance across all the sectors and covers SMEs, Primes and Mid-cap Members. FOB is accountable to Council for the operational and financial decision making of ADS, ensuring it represents Members interests.

CEO & Executive team

ADS is managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), currently Paul Everitt, who reports to FOB and Council on the business ADS conducts on behalf of its Members. The CEO and the Executive Team are responsible for contributing to the strategic development of ADS, including developing and implementing the annual business plan, setting objectives and achieving financial targets.

Boards & Committees

There are numerous Boards and Committees across all our Sectors, providing Members with the opportunity to engage in the thinking and shaping of topics and agenda’s that are important to the Sectors and wider industry. These cover everything from strategic issues, the political and policy environment, to engagement with many key stakeholders such as Ministry of Defence, Government, Home Office and Department of International Trade.

Special Interest Groups

ADS has more than 30 Special Interest Groups which are set up around specific functional and capability areas of activity that represent Members interests. They provide a forum designed to enable Members to network, seek out business development opportunities, learn, influence markets and stakeholders and keep up to date with current, related developments specific to the group.