Continuous professional development

Here are some CPD considerations to get you started.

Aspect Does your organisation offer… Alternative
New Starter Buddy someone that helps you around your place of work in your earliest weeks at your new job? As simple as it sounds, if someone hasn’t been assigned to you, asking around for help is ok, everyone was new at some point!
Personal Development Plan discussions and feedback on how to improve your personal skills?

You could always create one yourself and discuss with a friend or mentor.

Language Development Scheme opportunity to study a language as part of your training to help work with other countries and cultures?

Some organisations likely offer courses as part of your lunch break or free time. If not, there are plenty of free online courses.

Leadership Development Scheme the opportunity to learn techniques to lead and motivate others in a structured way?

You could join a volunteer committee, teach one of your specialist skills or organise events. There’s also plenty of online resources

Career Mentor someone you can talk to that is outside of your project or line management structure to provide advice on choices and issues?

You could directly ask someone in your organisation that isn’t in your management chain to help you informally.

Accreditation / Certification Mentor someone that can help you put together applications for professional qualifications or support mock interviews?

Your professional body should be able to help find someone to support you if you’re struggling to find someone internally.

Career Development Plan tools or techniques to support you creating a Career Development Plan?

Most professional bodies and societies offer career development tools or processes. Check your society first or an online resource.

Internal Support Groups the ability to join groups that can support each other on technical or personal aspects?

You could create informal groups within your organisation.

Management Development Scheme the opportunity to learn techniques to manage yourself and others in a structured way?

You help improve processes in your local team, monitor team spending or help organise events for other new starters. There’s also plenty of online resources.